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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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say we're paying more, and e impact higher prices are aly having on business owners. a murder suspect potentially failed twice by the system. what his parents say went wg before he allegedly beat a n to death. she survived an avalance tht killed three other people. d she says she has a special backpack to thank. hear her survival story. and as a convicted killer prepares to cash in on his crimes, he drops another boa potential third site for vis of the speed freak killers. good evening i'm ken bastid. and i'm dana king. they're skyrocketing at a painful pace that we practiy never see this time of years prices already average moren 4-bucks a gallon across mucf the bay area. and they're expected to just keep going. we ask elizabeth cook: wha's driving prices so high, so ? elizabeth.
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pkg 15:04 juan cierra, studt its just hard to manage juan there's been another shootin east oakland tonight.
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and up 12% from a year ago. now, conflict and consumption from around the world is the driving force. >> and as iran is looking to cut off oil to the u.k. and france and china is using more oil than ever before. >> reporter: but they blame the price surge on what is going on domesically. >> a lot of the main reasons for them, struggling back out there as you have been able to see that. >> reporter: now, experts say it is only the beginning that some say it could be up to $5 a gallon by the summertime after hearing the bay area. some of the low prices will be around $3.80 in places like
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redwood city and central san jose. now, up to $4.25 per gallon in select stations in oakland. dana? >> all right, elizabeth cook, thank you. there has been another shooting in east oakland tonight. shortly after 8:00, police were called to a shooting at the international boulevard. they found a young man with gunshot wounds to his lower body. witnesses said that the silver bmw with three men inside were seen speeding away from the area. it's the latest in the spring of shootings. a parent of a murder suspect are speaking out about their son's mental illness. they blame a broken mental health care system for his accused actions. and berkeley police, they may have been too busy to answer the victim's first call for help. >> reporter: it's the kind of crime that just doesn't happen
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in this sheltered neighborhood. a man bled to death outside his home on saturday. >> it's out of character in this neighborhood. obviously a tragedy. >> reporter: the man arrested for the crime. the 23-year-old former football standout. the first african american councilman's son. he suffered from schizophrenia at the age of 18. >> if people would describe him, they would say what a kind gentle person he is. he has always been that way. and this is an illness. it had nothing to do with him. >> reporter: for the dewitt, this is a failure that never gave their son a chance to stabilize on his medication. >> they get shoved into a hospital for a couple of days and get get shoved back out. some medications on them for the dose of medication, to put that back in the street. >> it will be a battle to keep them in the hospital. it's been in and out of the hospital nine times. >> reporter: they don't know why they were in this neighborhood on saturday. they have declined to provide
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further details, though the san francisco chronical reports that they failed to respond to the initial report pause police were busy -- because police were busy with that protest. their grief is not just for their son. >> our hearts go out to the other family. it breaks my heart. now, we have all lost in this. our society has lost, our son has been lost, we have lost and the other families have lost. >> reporter: cbs5. well, one man is dead, two other people were hurt after the suv that they were riding in overturned in san jose earlier this morning. it happened on the off ramp from 101 northbound to the capital express waive. police say that either unsafe speed or unsafe turning movement caused that suv to roll over. now, they say that none of the eight people inside have seat belts on. a skier with bay area ties have escaped that deadly washington in avalanche state.
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now, she wore her life safer. >> reporter: the woman who survived the avalanche is described being thrown 2,000 feet in 30 seconds and how the new safety backpack saved her life. >> yes. definitely. i had the fear that it is because of the way that i ended there. >> reporter: now, she suddenly heard someone screaming her name as she and eight other expert skiiers got caught in an avalanche. >> it feels like maybe you're in a washing machine and you're being tossed and turned and it is all just light. you're not sure which way is up and down. i fully believe that my backpack saved my life. >> reporter: what saved her is a new safety tool. an air bag worn in a backpack. this video shows the air bag's use by the snowboarder during the avalanche in colorado earlier this month. now when you pull that cord, it had keep you on top of the snow. the key to surviving the avalanche. >> it was literally like i was out there. the arm was free.
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the only thing that they could do was take that off that. >> reporter: three of their friends died nearby. >> when that first person came here, they buried that. others started to show up in the rescue search and we started to find the other bodies immediately. now, it was very shocking to know that the person, one of the victims we found was literally three feet to my left. >> reporter: his dad lives part time in santa cruz, the fellow skiier. and that will be the great fight. >> about 30 people died in the u.s. each year for the avalanches. the air bag cost about $700 to $1,000 on the brand. it's about the same for the good pair of skis. >> yes, they endorsed their father. that is the unfortunate endorsement. >> thank you. the 16-year-old robbery suspect, they invaded that massive policeman hunt it in san jose. now, they did not escape their
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own mother's wrath. he avoided that view at the gas station downtown san jose. earlier in the afternoon, the officers spotted them near that creek trail at the avenue. now, he took off running into the dense brush. the officers are armed with the assault rifle and they scoured that creek for two hours, using the helicopters, canines, and the cameras. just shortly after they called off the search, the boy's mother who turned him in. now, he was wanted in connection with at least one previous robbery. and also today, the bounty hunter, they signed a $2,000 check to speed the killer here. and the information helped them find the remains of at least two victims in san joaquin valley so far. they gave them the location of the third well that is supposedly containing the body on the murdered victim. now, it's within a mile of the other two wells that are described by the murderer. the occupy protesters went
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after the new target today. and the great system for them. occupy portland marched, joining forces with the prison movement. and their demand abolished the death penalty and the long-term solitary confinement and the three strength law. now, they are saying that the protesters were incarcerated or used someone on the inside. >> now, is it better for them to have somebody come on home, transition, to get a job, than, you know, $50,000 a year, and that they do not have a connection. sure you do. every time you pay your taxes. >> they say that there was no sign of protest inside the prison. inmates were confined to their rooms and all programs were canceled. well, coming up, the school under pressure to deliver the results. this is not a story that you have heard before. and the pressure, they will be coming from the parents. for the first time, there are
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severe consequences backed by the law. you know that feeling you get in about 15 seconds when you can't find your phone? it turns out it's a real condition. and the numbers on normal phobia. and her funeral has parts of the nation up in arms. why the military families were outraged over the tributes to whitney houston. from the cbs5 weather center, notice when the conditions are arriving. it is due to patchy fog and then tomorrow, wow, early spring. the areas that will be the warmest into the 70s as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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if not, the parents could be southern california school districts have one more day to bring the change that parents are demanding. if not, the parents could be the first to successfully use the new law that will be allowing them to take that school. now, they showed us that it could become a model for the situation. >> reporter: they had to repeat fifth grade this year because they were reading at the second grade level. >> he was not learning. it came to a point where he would cry every day. >> reporter: and that will be taken place in california. one of the worst performing schools in the state. more than 2/3 of the sixth graders here in english and math. >> reporter: and another set of the parents are using the controversial law to take control of the local school district. now, they will need to close
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the school and change their stats, or turn it into a charter school. that will be publicly financed. there are now similar laws in three other states. and the parents are demanding the school district to higher the principal of their choosing. one to greater authority to hire and fire teachers. they have been on the jobs for two months. they would like more time to fix them. for the system. you know, that will be my job as the administrator to work the system to make sure that you are getting it in that classroom as far as can you make it happen every night? >> that will be the second time that parents here have used that to try to take over the public school. they did it here in compton about a year ago. turning into a long and ugly court battle. parents in the elementary signed a petition to turn their failing public school into a charter, but the judge said
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that the petition has been invalid because the signatures were not dated. >> now, your children, they are suppose to be first for their education. >> reporter: and back to the desert trails, they have been negotiating with the school officials for nearly six weeks now. if they don't reach that agreement, the outside group of educators will be helping the parents converge the school into the charter, run in part by the parents themselves. >> they thought we lost our right to speak to the children. but you know, that's worth taking it back. >> reporter: they know that they are all watching to see if they succeed. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> yes, locks are hurled through the windows in the livermore neighborhood. they use the unusual force. now, the large decorative river rocks have appeared to be hurled by a launching device, possibly the water balloon launchers that were used to be giant slingshots. there were nine attacks. one of them were smashed into
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the double-pane window. it punched a hole down the wall in the hallway. >> it could have hit her in the back of the head, it could have been real bad. real bad. >> a surveillance camera caught the suspect's car. it's a white station wagon or possibly an suvcrews are asking the public's help in identifying the driver. if the thought of missing your cell phone makes you nervous, then you're not alone. nomo phobia is on the rise. that's the fear of being without your cell phone. 66% of people in the u.k. say they fear losing their phone, up 13% from four years ago. >> roberta? >> have you ever had that fear? >> i have a fear of losing my car keys. i lost them for three weeks and i was using the spare key and then i lost the spare key. well, i got locked out of my
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car. remember i told you about that? no key phobia. good evening everybody, it's our live cbs weather camera. looking live in san francisco where currently we do have lots of clear skies. take a look at this right now. that will be a great view from the east bay. that will be absolutely stellar. the high clouds have been sitting out a lot earlier tonight. we'll go with the partly cloudy conditions overnight, currently number wise, we're into the 40s and the 50s after realizing the highs today. averaging about a good 6 degrees below normal for this time of the year. your weather headlines. we do have partly conditions overnight and the areas of the patchy fog tomorrow morning. it will be at least a little foggy for openings before the sunrise really. and then warmer. right now, we're not looking at that, the 28th and the 29th. just the huge area of high pressure. that will be along the weak front here, banging up against the ridge as this will be
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staying put. it will build up. it does not go anywhere quickly. we'll be experiencing above normal temperatures all week long, beginning with tomorrow. which means rainless. right now, we are 28% above normal for this time of the year. less than half of where we were last year this time in santa rosa. tonight in the 40s from 40 to 49 degrees tomorrow. anywhere from about 10 to 13 degrees warmer. with the drier air mass, we do have the pollen count, suggesting that we'll have temperatures here, averaging well above normal and the pollen count will be also above normal. the extended forecast. temperatures tomorrow into the 60s and the 70s. it does appear as if your seven- day forecast. well, there you go. it will be kind of moving slowly tonight, but there you have it. temperatures warmer this thursday and friday. now, that will be the very dry pinpoint forecast. >> all right, we'll pray for rain. thank you, roberta. the family suv, it became the makeshift delivery room when
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they came here on the way to the hospital. and the contractions, they were about five minutes apart. when she, the husband, the 2- year-old daughter, they left home for them and the half hour trip to the hospital. but it soon became pretty clear that the baby was not going to wait. >> they started pulling that down. they started delivering the baby. and you know, i mean, it fell from straight out there. >> reporter: well, the team of doctors were waiting at the hospital. and the baby weighed in at six pounds, 12 ounces. the mother and the new daughter. they are all doing well. so much of the country has looked like blatant racism. >> the person behind it calls it an honest mistake. the fallout from the online posting about jeremy lin. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy
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of the funeral. and that will be 54,000. he felt like the flag should only be lowered to honor the fallen military members and the police officers. in wyoming, one man was so upset at the order that he would burn that new jersey state flag. the former espn writer apologized today for headlines about the nba star jeremy lin. he said that the racial slur that briefly appeared on the network's mobile website on saturday was an honest mistake. espn fired him yesterday. now, lin said that he did not think that the the headline was intentional and he accepts that apology. out of nowhere, they had taken the country by storm. but there is one man who saw it coming. almost two years ago. allen martin introduces us to the number crunching blogger who predicted lin's rise in the nba, without ever watching him play.
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>> that will be sort of my master data base. that will be the statistic for them and great details. looking for the future nba standouts. in 2010, jeremy lin, a little known player caught his eye. based sowly on the statistics, like the ability to rebound, block. he wrote a blog post, proclaiming lin to be one of the best point guards in college basketball. at the time no one listened and lin was not even drafted into the nba. but now he's the hottest player in the league. among his fellow players, he's looking pretty smart. >> when i lead the 2010 preview off with jeremy lin, the idea was that, you know, i thought that this would, if and when he broke out, you know, that there might be some notoriety there, but i never expected anything like this. >> and now lin!
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and the knicks take the lead. >> reporter: but the notoriety has come for lin and wieland, not the obvious sports analyst. he makes his living as the fedex delivery driver, far from the glamour of madison square garden. watching it unfold on the old tv in his apartment. and so will they meet? >> well, you know, i guess so if it fits in my schedule. yeah, i would like to. that would be fun. >> reporter: allen martin cbs5. >> since lin has become a superadds he says that his phone has not stopped ringing. fedex is giving him some time off to handle all the interview requests. a busy guy. >> if it fits his schedule. come on. the warriors have a new starting center. i'm dennis o'donnell. and he is coming to oakland. the sports minute is next. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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with a one year term. at&t.
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udoh was moved into the stag li clippers... mark the dodgers are sick. warriors fans got their wish. they were moved into the starting lineup tonight against the clippers. mark, start the clock. >> reporter: he responds to the best game of his young career. they have 19 points, 8 rebounds. a big night for them. the warriors closed the game on the 9-0 run and the floater. two of the 32. how about the warriors beating the clippers. 104-97. they began about two weeks ago. and new jersey got started. he knocks down the career high, eight threes for them, scoring 38 points. they beat them about 21.9 assists. they got schooled by them there.
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and they have signed him to the minor league deal worth about $105,000. they will not be eligible for them to play until they served that 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy. that will be on may 30. finally, they have agreed to the three year $20 million deal. and they were set by the radars. just one season after signing the five year $54 million contract when you give up eight touchdowns. that's going to happen. >> yes. >> you'll need to settle for $20. >> all right. yeah. well, life is just rough when you only get $if 20 million. >> i was going to say. but hey before we go, it was a game changer in the space race. there you go, just 50 years ago today. he began the first american to orbit that earth. and the former soviet union head launched that view, not into 10 months earlier. they will be evening out the
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score. quite an anniversary for the man going on that side. >> yeah, a little entry. remember that? ,,,,
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